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Wonder (n)
– an emotion comparable to surprise that people feel when perceiving something rare or unexpected.

The Wonder Book is a conversation in text, image and music.

The Wonder Book is experimental.

The Wonder Book is about enthusiasm.

The Wonder Book invites you to respond constructively to what you read, see and hear within.

The Wonder Book is a slap to the senses, goes anywhere, is full of surprises

The Wonder Book is a conversation in the work itself – responses are in kind

The principle of the wonderbook is spontaneity – post today’s work! – get a response today!

The Wonder Book is a one-thread conversation, but you can butt in anywhere you like.

The Wonder Book is all about crossing – between minds, art forms, genres, ideas, – it can include work in any language (and translation), though English will be its anchor;

Nothing in the pages of the Wonderbook is finished, – everything is on the way.

The Wonderbook isn’t for criticism or commentary

The Wonderbook is for what fits on the screen, –  it’s for creative effort

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