Whistlin’ now don’t sing the whole song,
whistlin’ now don’t sing the whole song –
don’t ask me ’bout nothin’, I dunno what’s wrong.

Anudder one married, anudder one gone;
Anudder one married, ‘nudder one gone.
Mixed with bananas, apples don’t last long.

I say, what happens in your head …
Yes, what happens in your fat head
don’t mean what happens in the bed.

De poem’s line breaks, it’s flow and strife –
where de line breaks is flow and strife,
just like livin’ this contrapuntal life.

They say, you gotta hang on to let go,
you know, you gotta hang on to let go –
If you hang on too long, it’s a no-show.

Blind Boy Banjo

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