1. Login or register (if you do not have an account) as a subscriber. Go to Login or Register (How to) in the sub-menu below.
  2. Your registration as a subscriber will be taken as an application to be a contributor which will allow you to post material. We will be in contact with you be email to advise whether your application has been successful.
  3. In the mean time, as a subscriber, you can still submit material by using the Contact Us Form   and attaching your material as a file.
  4. Wonderbook members comprise an expanding circle of contributors and contributing editors.
  5. As a Contributor you may prepare draft posts on the site and upload images and other material to those draft posts.
  6. When you think a draft post is ready for publication submit the post for review.
  7. The editors will review the draft post and approve the post for publication or require further amendment.
  8. The hope, from the outset, is that editorial ‘control’ will wither away (much as Marx imagined the state would, once a more ideal sort of society was established). So let’s see how that withering works out.
  9. If you are submitting material via the Contact Us Form  please use a single word file attachment with your work in it and using the fonts you would like to see on the site, which we will try to approximate.
  10. Images can also be uploaded using the Contact Us Form . If the images relate to work already submitted explain this in the message on the form.
  11. For pictures and videos and mp3 files and so on remember using large files slows everything down and the screen won’t generally be able to deliver the higher resolution images and sound anyway. So please try to keep submissions light in terms of bytes.
  12. In the case of videos it usually is sufficient to upload  the video to YouTube or Vimeo and provide us with a link to enable us to embed the video in your post.
  13. In the case of sounds it will usually sufficient to provide upload the sound to Soundcloud.com and provide us with a link to enable us to embed the mp3 file in your post.
  14. For authors you can add an Mp3 player to your post. Just include the url for the sound file, which can be from the Media Library, in the following short code  *
          1. seven.mp3
    *  , excluding the *s. Insert the Short Code in your post where you want the mp3 player to appear. Add a description of the sound file under the Short Code.
  15. If you want an image to be part of a post rather than having to be separately accessed through  a link then it should not be more than 750 pixels wide and should be compressed for internet use. This can be done using Microsoft Office Picture Manager (see HERE for link to video) or online tools such as Image Optimizer ( see link HERE). You should be aiming at bringing the image down to less than 180kb.  Note that Smartphone images can often be greater than 2mb. If you are using Image Optimizer “Quality: Small File Size” should provide the required results.
  16. Instructions to the editor should be at the top of the body of your post and in between {braces or curly brackets}. This is different from normal square edit brackets. This is because square brackets are used in WordPress as short code for plugins. This applies if you are a Contributor. If you are contributing via the Contact Us Form use the message text box.
  17. If for any reason you cannot upload files using the Contact Form please use the ALTERNATIVE FILE UPLOAD FORM by CLICKING HERE.

When you are a Contributor here are some videos which should assist you in drafting your posts:

  • Adding a post:

  • Using the editor we use on this site to draft your post:

  • Being a WordPress Contributor:

  • How to add images to your posts:

  • To add a YouTube video as above just a ‘v’ after http in the url of the YouTube video   eg:-httpv://youtu.be/FxxFt3a0T5w
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