The Wonderbook has three simple rules. These are:

  1. no criticism or commentary on the works of others, no praise or blame, like or dislike.  The Wonderbook  is a conversation where you respond in kind: art for art. If you want to tell someone something about his/her work, send them a personal message.
  2. there are no consecutive posts – the Wonderbook is not a conversation with yourself.
  3. by submitting content for publication you represent that the work is original, you have authority to give consent to the publication of the work if it is not original or the work is not otherwise subject to or is exempt from copyright.

These rules are principle based. This means means moving away from reliance on detailed, prescriptive rules and relying more on high-level, broadly stated rules or Principles to set the standards by which use of the site is administered.

Try to keep posts to a reasonable length. What is reasonable?  In general, reasonable is what fits on the screen.

The Wonderbook  may appear to have a poetry bias but is, in fact, neither anti prose nor anti  fiction narrative. Please just try to make the story fit on the screen. Make the screen your canvas, for whatever art form you are using or inventing.

These guidelines should be read in conjunction with the Terms of Use of this site.

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