Posts are usually presented chronologically with the most recent first. As part of the conversation you can ask to have your post inserted into a particular part of the conversation.

There are a number of ways to do this:

1. Insert a link to the post to which you wish to respond. The following two videos provide different means to embed or establish a link in your post. Make it clear to the reader that this is a link to another post. You should also refer to the link in any instructions to the editor. Instructions to the editor should be at the top of the body of your post and in between {braces or curly brackets}. This is different from normal square edit brackets. This is because square brackets are used in WordPress as short code for plugins.

Just linking to the other post may be sufficient. You may add the words “PREVIOUS POST”  (left hand side) or “NEXT POST” (right hand side) at the top of the post with the link to assist readers navigate.

2. You request the editor to place your post, if published, before or after a particular post. This request can be made using {braces or curly brackets} at the top of your draft post if you are a contributor or in the message box of the Contact us Form. If a approved the editor can manually change the order of the posts. How the editor would do this is set out in the video below:


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