Kit Kelen #281 – considering the seed star or the big bang might have been a murmur

considering the seed star
or the big bang might have been a murmur
was that really it to begin?
one doubts this
the scale may be grand
but who was it heard
this first forest grow?
if there are fifteen billion years
why not fifteen billion more?
so many first things were never beginnings
so many beginnings weren’t first
like cutting teeth
there was bone before that
the sea is flat from a storm before
what you held in your hand sets free
sets off
but the journey is never really beginning
because there’s a road to show
where feet have been already
if that metaphor will not suit
consider the image given
consider the idea brought
this life of reciting the self
the words where they have always been
and the world was a clock spun on
if difference is just that
how was it, is it, to begin?
first death I die will be an instance
unique, but I know, only to me
so much open to discussion
and yet no second chance
though scope for planning’s limited
nevertheless there’s an imperative
to try to get it right
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