David Gilbey #2 What You Will

What You Will


On the second night the typhoon misses Sendai – just wind and rain

after the day’s epic – marking essays on Drugs & Alcohol in Lit

in brilliant sunshine with distant mountains

from this twelfth-floor apartment in Dainohara.


I’d been downtown to Starbucks to download Goro’s poems.

Miu (like ‘See you’, cu) remembers me from last year.

I buy sushi from the S-PAL food hall @ 20% off – last trading –

make sure I get some sea urchin and salmon eggs

plus a quartet of fried oysters – for my autumn food tanka.


Take the old subway with my new icsca ‘let’s go’ card.

Missed the bilingual TV news – defer reality til tomorrow.

On the table, Mako’s pale, pink-tipped rose.

Outside apartment and office lights to Kita Sendai.


Disappointing 711 French cab sav will be good for cooking

tomorrow night’s coq au vin for Osamu. Hey, ho.

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