Kristen de Kline #16 – Sabbatical


Check likes on new Facebook profile pic – 41 and (not) counting
Read posts on updated Facebook picture: Cheers Queers! Nice! Looking good KY!
Phone Alex between 1-4pm (who’s Alex?)
Report to Centrelink.
Wish Cathy Thomson a Happy Birthday on FB
Register with Department of Housing – bond loan???
Club X – Trent St ? Nathan St? Put it into Google Maps.
Crank out at least two poems for the 365+1 blog
Post behind the scenes look at Twin Peaks. Sasha responds: AAAAAHHHHH!  More cherry pie!
Aldi: toasted muesli whitening toothpaste fresh linguini tomato basil & chilli sauce paper towels
Stat decs to Justice of the Peace
Water plants on verandah and new tree out the back
Post review on Leonard Cohen’s new album: You want it darker: you like that line

Jack texts: Going to be in Melbourne for conference, catch up and get r-e-a-l trashy?

You force yourself to boil water for the pasta microwave tomato and basil sauce crack open a beer

Libby emails from her Highly-Paid-Job in Boring-Public-Service-Department that is either something to do with agriculture and fishing or defence and border security:
where are you working these days
where are you working
where are you

You crack open another pale ale. You force yourself.

You email Libby back: I’m on sabbatical. Fully paid.
PS. By the government.
PPS. I’m on the dole.

Stop at BWS: Six pack of One hundred and Fifty Lashes, two bottles of Villa Maria and random cider excellent use of taxpayer’s money

Maddie calls from Brisbane: Having a stop-over in Melb early next week. 2 whole nights!!!! Wanna get down and dirty?

Pull into BP. Fill up the car with unleaded,

Club X Take Two: Meet lovely salesperson called Thomas. Tell Thomas ALL about your girlfriend. Over-share. TMI. Just go for it! Ask Thomas which products are harder longer softer thicker Get permission from Thomas to take photos of the 14 inch FIST (made in America since 1976) the real man with cyber skin and virtual touch and the ‘real rock’ 7″ cock Ask Thomas why the silicon toys that ‘feel real’ are double the price of the others Ask Thomas if you can join a Loyalty Program Ask Thomas if there are any jobs going Ask Thomas …

You tell Libby you’re considering a career change having a ‘productive’ sabbatical the time of your life on cloud nine. You crack open a third pale ale. You force yourself: you like that line.

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