What if there was no more bloody rain…

Rae Desmond Jones

a middle aged lady in a corner
holds the Sydney Morning Herald high
in The Last Drop Café as feathery lines of rain
piss down on Marrickville Rd

an umbrella drips behind that door
– we should complain –
what if there was no more soggy rain?

If you wish for this (& get it)
our planet’s air will tear
then electric storms will poach you –

may the icey earth freeze-dry you
into a milky eye of glass –

then I hope a randy camel
will chew your balls right off,

so go choke on a polluted reefer
then drown in a sea of mud,
aah that feels good!

now a pretty waitress brings me coffee
topped with cinnamon, sugar,
the colour of desert sand



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