Anna Couani

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ideas for novels 1


Anna Couani




with a sense of wonder that

we rediscover the local

see faces

in old walls

on flinty wood


she held the silver goblet

fingers running

over its sculpted surface



actually bodies

maybe torsos

all wrong

for ceremonial purposes


the snapshot

of a black dog

in a pool


the dog, Bob

suiting the photos

the unease

of dog in chlorine


she in a bikini

Dad with long hair

kind of wrong

the hair


look down at the kerb

old stones, now rounded

sometimes replaced

with new stones

that quickly break


the lovely stainless steel drain

a grid showing fish

warning of sea pollution

“this goes to the sea”


at ground level

the edges of ashphalt

where things meet


where things crumble

where things don’t quite meet


speaking of the ground

that they cover


you can look cool

but not actually be cool


like the book cover

looks modern

same old 19th century





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