Coral Carter


 had a little book 


Coral Carter



had little book
wrote it all down
wrote it all down
stay down
all down
stay down
some sleep
new borns
some sleep
some dress
goddess or ghost
tears are used to
used tears
there is a graveyard in the light
fans make poor compasses
the shaman breathes us to life
if you post the broken into darkness
has it gone
the ordinariness of love
lightning playspace
inspired by nature
sweetest honey is in the trees
big screen performances
the untold story
a band of one
possess a blank diary
midnight kiss engulfed my senses
speaks in tongues
laughs claps
maybe the sun will rise
with or without you
lichens bleaching in the sun
hot forge of two
seasoned with chilli and salt
there is one thing
and another thing
what is this place we are in
on the table mandarin peel
thirty stories of glass
clouds tear holes in the sky
crucifixion hammer blows
heard in stone
simon petrus feet
worn away with kisses
visit the holy sepulchre
leave an intercession
at the door
five pieces of broken mirror
reflect sky
reflect sky
reflect sky
reflect sky
reflect sky
lawn chair waits for sun
love is sentimentality and sex
download drama
under a grey sky everything drips
stormy season hangs until it breaks
light bounces
clouds rumple
say it is good
go ahead
say it
i meant spilt
i meant split
elimination of dust
occupy the sky
in a fit of cleverness
poisoned from the feet up
i am my medical condition
top to toes
red underscore
just one more
for luck
i forgot





5 July 2012 dead bird and cat, sky  WB 017


                                                          dead cat

                          bird claws beak

                                      shadow teeth eye socket

                                                                 iron feathers

              bullet hole

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