James Paradiso



All in the game, Yo.

Yo  Mama.                                      They laugh at you.                                      You ugly.

You have no choice.                  You don’t qualify.                                       You’ll make new friends.

Time’s up.                                       Up yours.                                                        You’re overreacting.

Locked out.                                    Sold out.                                                          Out of order.

Fade out.                                         ERROR REPORT.                                         Get lost.

I don’t love you anymore.       I hope we can still be friends.                 I met someone.

No vacancy.                                   No exit.                                                            No trespassing.

Strike three.                                   Hands up.                                                        Cash only.

A-i-r  b-a-l-l.                                  You have the right to remain silent.    There’s been an accident.

Don’t come back.                         Watch your back.                                        You’re under arrest.

Don’t call me again, ever.         Return to sender.                                        Do not enter.

Members only.                              Address unknown.                                      Take a deep breath.

It’s rare and aggressive.            It’s malignant.                                              It’s terminal.

It’s inoperable.                              Brace yourself.                                            Your insurance has expired.

Put your affairs in order.          You missed the deadline.                        Better luck next time.

You’re fired.                                   You’re too smart for your own good.    You’re history.

No one cares what you say.     Try to stay calm.                                             Have a nice day.

Bankrupt.                                         Malfunction.                                                     Balk.

Expired.                                           Empty.                                                                 Guilty.

Foul.                                                  Occupied.                                                            Tilt.

Private.                                            SOS.                                                                        Cancelled.

Checkmate.                                    Closed.                                                                   Triple bogie.

It ain’t poetry.



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