Jill Jones




Drafted Beginnings


Jill Jones



Once I was belligerent

far out in uncharted balalaikas

or so tired of skidding by on a skateboard

waiting for the baptism

of unfashionable endearments

of having only nuance to do.


The dub had lasted now

for ten mythical yawns

and there was a release

of terrible locations

I had thought long since ended.


As I took one more morsel

from uneasy drifters I found myself

transformed in my bedroll

into a gigantic instrument

and everything was

before me.


From then it was the best of tipples

it was the worst of tinctures

it was the campness of work

it was the epitome of benediction

it was the secondment of likelihood.


And in the lilt of the moon

a little electron lay on a lemon.


It was a prelude to burn.

It was a truth universally acknowledged.

It was a dark and stormy notion.




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