Mark Roberts




the guard


Mark Roberts



just here  past the bend

i stop

ordered to retreat by two lizard eyes



from  a moss covered rock

our eyes lock


he has

fought this battle

many times


and lost….but today

he stares

I take a step forward


he spins  suddenly


off the rock


disappearing in a quiet rustle

i feel him

watching as I pass


a temporary defeat

he will reclaim

the rock and forget me




biggles flies undone


Mark Roberts


not being as young

as he used to be

biggles is having


with the taliban

the sopwith camel


as he thinks

of a woman

he left behind

german lines

in 1916

but duty calls

& the latest



a new thrust

on the southern front

ginger is drunk


the u-boat captain

looks familiar

but is facing mecca

or is it berlin

the war is




to the wireless

he looks down

but all he sees

is sand








Mark Roberts


as a child i saw the faded sign

on a gate

off delhi road

just past

the brand new tv studio

& wondered where

the overgrown track

led to


walking along the river

i found the two palm trees

& weeds head high

on the old picnic grounds


there once was a wharf

& a wooden dance hall

i stare into the water

but can see only

water logged branches


without protection

european fairies

were no match

for hungry magpies





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