Richard Soloway



I must be careful, for I forget,          sometimes

that I am not alone in playing with words
and              using them as multi edged tools
for humour, irony or,    sometimes,                                  satirical


I come across so many writers                    who are
far better than I  will ever be,                                       but many
take                             themselves so seriously. I take
the piss, occasionally, and forget that
I am transparent.

A word may be heartfelt, or a cliche,

     communication is sometimes real,

but it is frequently merely Phatic
polite, or kind, not the real deal,
but it creates noise.

Jellyfish, stings from afar, but really
depends on ocean currents to drift

There are sharks and barracuda
that are far faster, and more beautiful,
less translucent, and more



Platonic Dualism – A draft response to Claine Keily’s ‘Song of the dead …’  


Richard Soloway


Is every male an incubus,
seeking to dominate,
infiltrate, penetrate?

We sow the seed, logocentric,
and do the deed, egocentic.
We conquer, rape and burn
but also, …also we
build and create
in random turn.

Is every woman a succubus?
Temptress, lover, nag, and scold.
Tripartite goddess;
nymph, mother, don’t forget the hag
riding us,
always trying to clean us up;
brush off the farmer’s friends
and comb out the dags.

You drain us dry and build a nest
We provide and you …you fuss
over nothing, while we grow …
aged, and you gently take control
from us, we sit in a corner and drool
like the grandchildren, in their nappies.

Yet alone we are nothing,
two halves of a cabalistic sign,
the Taijitu of yin and yang
bound together in per…per…petuity
concatenated, yet
with all passion spent
we are miserably content.



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